Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Review A Human Element by Donna Galanti

Ben Fieldstone see's a meteorite wipe his parents cabin out when he is 9 yrs old. Having survived he leaves never to return until years later something pulls him back to his hometown to find out exactly what really happened when his parents died. Laura Armstrong at seven yrs old knows she isn't like everyone else she has powers and saves her mom from a freak storm. years pass by Ben meets Laura In the woods where his parents died and the meteorite hits together they try to find out what exactly happens and why they have been dreaming of each other for as long as they both can remember. Why Laura has these powers and who is the evil force that keeps calling to her. I really enjoyed this book good mix of thriller and paranormal to it. Quick read for me I couldn't put it down. *** Won this from Library Thing giveaway :D

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