Monday, November 5, 2012

Review Assassin's Love Misty Wright

Diane is an assassin that gets set up by the very company she kills for. She must find out who has set her up and dodge the attempts on her life and why someone wants to ruin her. she dreams of having a normal life finds help in a fellow assassin she's worked with before.

Really enjoyed this book not my usual read but very entertaining

Snow Escape Review by Roberta Goodman

"Allegra has joined a online dating site soon she gets emails from potential dates. One is from Charles they begin chatting when it gets creepy Charles asks her how it feels to know no help can arrive in time due to the storm. He messes with her mind making her believe he lives in her building and is coming for her.
can she make it out and who can this stalker be?

Enjoyed this book Snow Escape takes you through a scary night of Mind games and makes you wonder if this is all actually happening !

Review Meant for Her by Amy Gamet

Julie is left a Code in a safety deposit box by her father a spy presumed to be found dead burned in a hotel . She is the only one who can break it. Hank a Navy Officer is sent to find out what she knows of her traitorous father. Does he Trust her or is she keeping her fathers secret? Hank must find out in order for them to trust each other completely.

really enjoyed this book had some suspense to keep it flowing looking forward to the next in the series