Tuesday, August 11, 2009


So far I haven't been reading like I want to.I've been to preoccupied with other things like family. Have my 7 Year old niece visiting from Texas. She will be leaving soon so my free time's been with her spending as much time as we can together before she leaves. Which Will be in about one week.Oh My is it already time for her to leave. Don't want her to but she has to go to school.
maybe my reading more will get back to normal when she leaves, most likely will, read 1 book so far fixin' to finish 2 more so happy about that Yay!!!!
well back to reading for now

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Emily said...

I hope you're enjoying One Wish. It really was one of my favorites. I am reading Where The Wind Blows by Caroline Fyffe now on a recommendation from the Great Western Drive girls.

Don't you just love family? I'm always sad when they leave but also a little bit relieved. Back to my own life!