Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Da Boys!!!!!!!!!!

for a little while!!!!! REALLY a TXGRL

Nothing Going On here My B-day is Wednesday!! 27 years Young!!!So excited, Gonna totally Have Fun, Drink,Party,Hang out !!!!! Can't Wait !

Da Boys (Dallas) are 3-0 Yep, SuperBowl here We come!!!
will be awesome I already know.

as for the OTHER ones (D'backs), Doesn't look like Post Season :( :(
Still Sad about that and Now I have to Make Good On a BET..haha I can Only Imagine what I have to Do. Trust me when I say I KNOW what he Wants, but then again he could surprise me and say something unexpected ha like that will happen.

Something all together diffrent......

I lot of stuff has been going on with My family I swear there is Just Plain EVIL in the world. Can't change how they are though. They all have BlackHearts

feel sorry for them. Some stuff I can't Post here, So I won't but just let me tell You that they will Get What's coming to them It's called KARMA. Like before, bad things started happening to them when they started Making Accusations about stuff that wasn't True. I guess some people only never learn.

My Cousin was right to GET AWAY from them. Glad that She Did!!!!!!

Something Else too.

My Grandpa Died 3 Years Ago Today
Just Wanted to Say I MISS HIM ALOT!
Grandpa Velasquez

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